Make Today Better

My mothering lows are far lower than I ever imagined they would be. Mothering is also far more difficult than I ever expected. At the end of a particularly frustrating, irritating day it seems like all my efforts have been for nought. Despite my good intentions and hard work, my children are selfish, whiny small people who I often do not want to be around.

The next morning three simple words cross my mind: MAKE TODAY BETTER.

I already know that my children are not quite as bad as I felt the night before – they have weak areas in their characters, to be sure, but also I have failed to institute and enforce necessary family systems that would help us all live together better. I have been inconsistent in my approach to discipline.

Overall they are warm, loving kids who like to have fun.


I can institute the system that our family needs and begin to enforce it.

I can reevaluate my discipline strategy to target what are the real issues and leave the rest alone.

I can make time to really see each child, even for a few minutes, and let them know my interest in them personally by listening to them or playing with them or reading a book to them.

If God will give me the love and grace that I otherwise do not have, today can be much better than yesterday.

2 thoughts on “Make Today Better

  1. I’m a stay at home Catholic mama to a small rambunctious and wonderful toddler boy (he has older twin brothers praying for him from Heaven). I can’t say how much I needed this today after a frustrating meltdown at the grocery store in which I reminded myself it’s my job to share my calm when he’s upset and teach him how to handle those big emotions. It’s easy to get overwhelmed though so thank you for the inspiration! Tomorrow will be better. May God give us all the patience and graces we need to raise loving lifelong Catholics faithful to Him in a faithless world!


    1. Hi Erika,
      It’s always the grocery store, isn’t it?! I’m so glad you were encouraged. Your response encourages me too. I’m so sorry for your loss of twin boys. We have two babies who also have only ever known the face of Jesus and the maternal care of our Blessed Mother. God bless you and your family šŸ™‚


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