Planning for the New Year

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

It is vital for me to simplify if I want to accomplish anything.  Otherwise the overwhelm takes over and nothing productive happens.  Planning for a new year is one of these things.  I want to be intentional about the new year coming.  I want to have my priorities and goals in order and in mind so that I do not blunder through the year haphazardly.  But when anyone starts talking about roles and goals and intentions and priorities and planning I start to feel like burying my head under a pillow.  Where do I even start?  How do I determine what’s really important for this year?  Frankly, I’d rather do something else.

So I simplify.  I sat down with Trello this afternoon and made a board for the new year.  Then I wrote all my separate roles (wife, mother, etc.) as headers of separate lists.  Then I wrote down priorities or goals for each role.  I did not take a lot of time to do this.

Then I took my new weekly planner (which I bought at Walmart, by the way, and really like) and wrote out a sample week.  I do not have any desire to schedule every minute of every day, but rather I put down the basic structure of the days and certain things that need to happen.

For example, a new strategy I have going forward is scheduling two afternoons each week to focus on housekeeping, including laundry, instead of spreading it through the week (or not doing it at all!).  These afternoons will be on the days that I go to work in the mornings.  All that is written in my planner, along with items like when we will be homeschooling and my writing times.

Priorities in Trello.  A weekly rhythm in my pink, spiral-bound planner.  I think I’m ready for 2018.

Simplify to accomplish!


2 thoughts on “Planning for the New Year

  1. I was so pleased to discover you too are a WordPress blogger!!! Your site is absolutely delightful and I look forward to following along! Kuddos to you for being brave enough to open your wonderful world to new readers….(it’s a bit like that moment before you decide jumping into a frozen lake may not be a good idea, isn’t it?) Exhilarating – but not without many pins and needles going up & down any remaining sensical thoughts, just prior to hitting the publish button…am I right?? Take courage, it appears you have much loveliness to share!! Hugs n’ blessings!!


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