Preschool (Age 3) Curriculum Plan (2017-2018)

I’m keeping it SIMPLE for preschool (which to me, by the way, is a completely optional season of “school”…three year-olds learn whether or not there is a “curriculum”).

For our three year-old daughter, Anna, I’ve planned a very loosely organized curriculum that follows Sonlight’s Preschool Package and added in activities that I know she will enjoy (and will keep her busy while I work with her older brother).

I ordered Sonlight’s Preschool Parent’s Companion from their website. It is titled “Fiction, Fairy Tales & Fun” and is a (much) more relaxed version of their Instructor’s Guides. Instead of a daily schedule there are simply checklists of books or stories and ideas/activities to go with them, plus inspiring quotes.

The book list is wonderful! It includes some that are already favorites, such as the Virginia Lee Burton books, two Richard Scarry books and stories illustrated by Eloise Wilkin. They also include a couple of fairy tale collections, which will be new for us. The more I look at the list, the more I want to buy all the books!

Aside from reading together, I bought the game “Mighty Mind” that was on Sonlight’s list for preschool, as well as a few scratch art books, paint with water activities (including one of Melissa & Doug’s “Water Wow” books), and a Melissa & Doug washable stamp set. Anna is our resident artist, so these are all right up her alley. I also have paper, markers, colored pencils, paints and preschool scissors ready for her.

I will see how interested she is in learning about letters/sounds and numbers this year. If she seems ready I will gradually introduce these through worksheets or activity books I find here and there.

And that’s it! More than anything I am looking forward to reading with Anna and discovering new favorite stories together.